BOTOX® Cosmetic and JUVÉDERM® Dermal Filler

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Dr. Anna M. Berik, DMD

Dr. Anna M. Berik, DMD

Why Choose Dr. Anna Berik?

Dr. Anna Berik is a member of the American Academy of Facial Aesthetics and American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and has been creating beautiful life-like smiles for over 20 years.

As a Cosmetic Dentist she has had extensive training of the facial structures and how each part of the face relates to each other.  Her knowledge of the lower half of the face far exceeds most other healthcare providers including most plastic surgeons, dermatologists, physicians, and nurses, all who can now place Botox and dermal fillers. Also, Dentists in general are among the best injectors in any healthcare industry.

Dr. Berik has the artistic creativity and clinical skills necessary to have very successful outcomes for her patients. In as little as one visit, Dr. Berik can erase lines and wrinkles from around the mouth, ease crow’s feet, and minimize stress lines on your forehead.

Why BOTOX and Juvéderm?

Dr. Berik believes “the key to BOTOX and Juvéderm treatment is that the patient remains natural-looking regardless of what you use on them or any treatments they have.  We can gently ease signs of aging, subtly enhance what nature has given you, and help you achieve a natural look.” With cosmetic dentistry procedures such as teeth whitening, short-term orthodontics and/or veneers and crowns, Dr Berik  uses BOTOX and facial fillers to enhance your appearance and frame your new smile, all without surgery.

What is BOTOX Cosmetic Work and How Does it Work?

When you laugh, frown, or squint your facial muscles contract and your skin creases. As you get older, your skin loses its elasticity and those creases deepen into lines that can become permanently etched on your face. These lines make you look older than you are and make you look angry or worried even when you’re not. By temporarily immobilizing the muscles you use to frown and squint,  BOTOX Cosmetic can smooth out those lines and relax those muscles, restoring a more youthful, less stressed expression to your face.

The BOTOX procedure only takes a few minutes and you can schedule it at the same time as your cleanings. The treatment requires no downtime and you will see the amazing results in a few days. The full effect may take up to two weeks but your new youthful look will last for several months.

What is Juvéderm and How Does it Work?botox and juvederm

Juvéderm is a soft injectable gel made of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance in your skin that assists in adding hydration and volume. Juvéderm is placed into the subsurface of the skin to temporarily smooth wrinkles and fine lines. It replenishes the volume in the skin almost instantly.

Juvéderm is designed to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds and provides versatility in restoring the contours of your face to a smooth and natural look. It is also used to fill in lip lines and define the lip shape.

The Juvéderm dermal filler process takes about 15 minutes and you see immediate results. The downtime is minimal and you can get back to your normal routine right away. Juvéderm is also long lasting so you can keep your improved appearance for up to six to twelve months.

Is Facial Aesthetics for Me?

Request an appointment with Dr. Berik here. She will have an in-depth consultation with you to understand your needs and what facial features you would like to enhance. She will explain all the options available to make sure that your BOTOX and Juvéderm® treatment satisfies your expectations.


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